About us

We are two sisters with a common history and common interests. With our design, we communicate our stories from all corners of the world. We are proud to be able to contribute to people feeling a bit more beautiful. The sense of timeless design and genuine craftsmanship is present in everything we do.

A back street in New Delhi. An avenue in New York. A walking bridge in Cambodia. We get the inspiration for our designs from a traveling life. It all began in 2006 on a visit to Shanghai, where we were overwhelmed by the city’s huge market for pearls and semi precious stones.

Back home in Stockholm, we made our first jewelry and put them on display. The response exceeded all our expectations, so we kept on making more. Today, Syster P jewelry and fashion accessories are available in several countries.

Travel destinations and pleasure still guide us. And we want you to feel the same happiness when you wear something from Syster P as we did when we created it. It’s personal. It’s Syster P.

“With our design we communicate our stories from all corners of the world”

Emma Haegerström, Creative Director and Founder

We are passionate about what we do and for solid craftsmanship where every detail is well taken care of. We always want to offer that little extra that makes you stand out in the crowd and feel special. Both through our personal design but also due to our editions always being limited. We appreciate our customers and pay close attention to being responsive, open and available. High quality is not only about our products and choice of materials, but also about how we meet our customers and the level of service we hold. We have an eye for detail and leave nothing to chance, it should always feel good to wear our products.

“We are driven by the desire to share what we like with many”

Annikki Schaeferdiek, CEO and Founder

We are never really satisfied. We have a built-in endeavor to always try to outperform the expectations of each link throughout the chain. We are convinced that it is sometimes worth a detour. Consideration in both big and small. From design and product experience to service and delivery accuracy. You can always trust us.

For a good cause