Love and Inspiration

In times of difficulties we want to continue to inspire and make the world a little more beautiful.

We are here for you

We live in a turbulent time, which in one way or another affects us all. We at Syster P want to continue to spread love and  inspiration, and struggle like everyone else to make everyday life work and maybe offer a little gold edge at times. Our online shop is open as usual, deliveries work almost as fast and easy as you are used to, and both customer service and chat are here for you. We send packages, write greetings and do that little extra that we always try to do, to provide the best service possible. Unfortunately, products that are out of stock can take longer than usual to get, as our suppliers are also affected by the situation. But we have a lot of really nice jewelry in stock, and are happy to give advice if you are thinking about what best suits you or someone you want to pay attention to. Thank you for hanging out with us, and welcome to join us online!
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