Recycle it

All jewelry from Syster P is handmade with the greatest care. Gold plating and sterling silver naturally fade over time. You can now submit your jewelry from the Beloved collection (applies to chains and letter charms) and have them exchanged for new ones. We recycle your submitted jewelry so that no material is wasted.

The cost for exchange is EUR 12 for a gold chain, EUR 7 for a gold letter, EUR 7 for a silver chain and EUR 5 for a silver letter. Shipping cost EUR 10 will be added on international orders EUR 3 on domestic orders. Your new jewelry will be sent to you by DHL or Budbee or as traceable post envelope if your postal address is in Sweden.


To replace your Beloved jewelry, proceed as follows:

  • Choose from the products “exchange” in the webshop and pay at checkout. You will then receive a code via email which must be stated when the products are handed over to Syster P.
    OBS! The codes are generated manually so you will receive the code and the form within one working day.
  • Fill in the form “Exchange Beloved” which will be sent to your email. Enter your code and full address details.
  • Send us your jewelry together with a completed form:
    Döbelnsgatan 40
    113 57 Stockholm
    You can also leave them between 8-17 Monday-Friday on Döbelnsgatan or between 10-21 Monday-Friday in our store in Mall of Scandinavia.
  • When we have received your jewelry, new ones will be sent to the specified address. Your old ones are recycled and go back to our production chain where they become new, sustainable jewelry.

Recycle Coupon Letter Gold


Recycle Coupon Letter Silver


Recycle Coupon Chain Gold

15 USD

Recycle Coupon Chain Silver