Welcome to Syster P! We are two sisters with a common history and common interests. Choosing jewelry is personal, both for yourself and as a gift for someone you like. You can always be sure that our jewelry is handmade, with care for every detail, and with focus on sustainable manufacturing in every part of the chain, from 100% recycled silver to climate-smart packaging and delivery methods. We are passionate about service and strive to exceed your expectations. Hopefully you will find something you like and become part of the Syster P family. Feel free to contact us – tell us what you think or share your photos in social media!

// Emma and Annikki

Santa Monica Multicolour Bracelet Gold

39.00 EUR

Minimalistica Hammered Necklace Gold

79.00 EUR

Bring Me Luck Bracelet Silver

49.00 EUR

Bolded Wavy Earrings Shiny Gold

89.00 EUR

Lucky Coin Keep Dreaming Necklace Silver

79.00 EUR

Bolded Ring Gold

89.00 EUR

Give Hope

29.00 EUR

Worldwide shipping

We send your shipment the next day, and it reaches you within a few days.

100% recycled silver

All our jewelry is made of 100% recycled silver

Gift wrapping

We wrap your product as a gift at no extra charge.

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