Beloved Hoop Guide

A favorite that has been with us for a very long time is our Beloved Hoops – the timeless hoops that’s perfect for every occasion. Since you seem to love them as much as we do, we have expanded the collection with hoops in different designs and sizes.

Gold and silver hoops from the Beloved Collection

Not sure what to get? Read our Beloved Hoop Guide to understand the difference between the hoops and see how we style them. As always, the Beloved Hoops are made from 100% recycled silver to protect the environment.

Beloved Hoops

The Beloved Hoops are our classic thin hoops that comes in three different sizes – mini, small, and medium. If you’re not sure what to get, the Beloved Hoops are always a good choice and the most perfect everyday hoop.

Thin classic hoops in gold and silver

Beloved Fat Hoops

The new addition Beloved Fat Hoops are a pair of slightly thicker and more chunky hoops. The hoops come in three different sizes – small, medium, and big. If you’re looking for a pair of trendy hoops that looks just as good for everyday life as for parties, you have found the right ones.

Chunky hoops in gold and silver

Beloved Twisted Hoops

The new Beloved Twisted Hoops are delicate twisted hoops that comes in two different sizes – small and medium. The twisted design give the earrings a personal touch!

Twisted hoops in both gold and silver

Hoop stacking

The Beloved collection is perfect for stacking, which means adding more earrings on the same ear – you can style and combine as you wish and create your own unique style. Not sure where to start? Our best tip for a balanced look is to choose one earring to start off with and then continue to work on your stack from there. Start with the biggest hoop closest to the cheek and continue along the ear with smaller and smaller hoops.

Find your favorites among the different hoops and create your own combinations. Jewelry makes your look even more personal and is the perfect complement to your outfit. Dare to mix gold and silver! The combination really adds a unique touch and is guaranteed to attract attention.

Styling combinations with hoops in different sizes, both in silver and gold

Want to personalize your stacking even more? Add charms of your choice from the Beloved collection to your hoops and create your own unique earrings.

Don’t forget to tag @syster_p on Instagram and show us your stacking!

Keep shining!

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