Beloved Guide

Our Beloved collection celebrates 10 years!
Beloved is a collection of timeless and personal letter jewelry. Create your own combinations or give a personal letter jewelry to the person you want to show appreciation to – it’s the perfect gift! Like all our jewelry, the Beloved collection is made from 100% recycled silver to protect the environment.

Looking for inspiration on how to create your perfect necklace? Read our Beloved Guide for tips on great combinations and unique looks.

Gold letter necklaces with both small and big letters, get tips on how to style them in our Beloved Guide

Choose your letters

Our letter charms reminds us of the people we hold close to our hearts – parents, children, siblings, partners and best friends. Start off your design by choosing the letters you want to wear around your neck.

Small letter pendants from our Beloved Collection

Mix big and small letters

Our Beloved Letters come in two different sizes, Big and Mini. The different sizes look great together – both on the same chain, or on separate chains for a layered look.

Gold letter necklaces with both big and small letters, on two different chains

Combine gold and silver

Dare to stand out! Mix gold and silver – the combination makes your necklace unique and suits those who love to wear both gold and silver.

Letter necklaces with combinations of both silver and gold

Add charms

Add an extra charm with your favorite symbol to your necklace. The Beloved collection features delicate hearts, stars, moons, and various set stones that really give your jewelry that extra spark!

Letter necklaces with combinations of different pendants

We hope our Beloved Guide has given you ideas for you new necklace. Don’t forget to tag @syster_p on Instagram and show us your personal combination!

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