Become a Diamond Syster! You get 20% off for life and early access to releases and special campaigns.
Yes, it’s true – 20% off on all regular items for LIFE!
All you need to do is to purchase 2 products at regular price of a total sum of 120 EUR during the month of May 2022, and you are all set to apply for your lifetime membership in Diamond Systers. Supereasy, right?
Happiness when shared is doubled!
  • Lifetime membership in Diamond Systers.
  • Discount of 20% on all regular items for life.
  • Extended information about news, styling tips and interesting topics.
  • Early access to releases and special campaigns.
  • Purchase two or more products at systerp.com at a total price of 120EUR incl VAT during May 2022.
  • As a member you agree to Syster P AB saving your personal data for the membership time. You can end your membership at any time and ask to be removed from the registry.
  • You must not share the code with anyone. It is for your personal use, and only valid together with your registered email address.
  • If you need to change your email or postal address, please let us know by email to diamondsyster@systerp.se
  • The 20% discount is valid for the rest of your life, and may not be combined with any other offers like general discounts, sales etc.
  • The discount is not applicable on Gift Cards.
  • If you return your purchases which made you eligible for the membership your discount code will not be valid.