We are two sisters with a joint story and common interests. With our design we share our stories from all corners of the world. We take a lot of pride in being able to contribute to women feeling more beautiful every day. The sense for good, classic design and excellent craftsmanship defines everything we do.

To work at Syster P

We want everyone who works with us to be happy to go to work. The goal for us is to come in the morning full of energy, and to go home in the evening with at least the same high energy level. Everyone should have the best conditions to do their jobs and to develop during the working day. Our values that we work by are:


We are for real. We are two sisters with a common history and common interests. With our design, we convey our stories from all corners of the world. We are proud to help make women feel a little more beautiful. We love what we do and never give up on what we think is important. The feeling of good design and good craftsmanship permeates everything we do.


We are driven by a passion for beautiful things. We live our dream and our creativity is based on a constant journey around the world. We explore and find new places, new things or new phenomena that can inspire us. We dare to challenge ourselves and test our boundaries. We must dare to fail to succeed.


A close dialogue and a personal reply build good relationships and loyal customers. We stand for transparency, openness and close cross-border cooperation with our suppliers, partners, customers and employees. It is in that interaction and by being responsive that we best can understand the needs and wishes of each target group.


We are never really satisfied. We have a built-in effort to always try to exceed expectations at every stage and throughout the whole chain. We are convinced that it is sometimes worth a detour. Consideration in both large and small things. From design and product experience to our service – You should always be able to trust us.

When everyone works towards common goals and plans their work independently, we get a healthy and safe work environment, where everyone can develop. The best way for the company to achieve our goals is for each person to develop within their area. We run many smaller and larger projects with change improvements, where everyone contributes with their skills, their ideas and their energy.

Every year we receive a number of trainees from different educations. Being able to do your internship at a company, with your own areas of responsibility and a designated supervisor, is a good way to learn what it is like to work in a profession, to expand your network of contacts and gain important experience before starting your professional life. For us as a company, we get to share new knowledge, new ways of dealing with different tasks and we get an opportunity to get to know potential employees in a natural way, and see how they work in different work situations.