We are two sisters with a joint story and common interests. With our design we share our stories from all corners of the world. We take a lot of pride in being able to contribute to women feeling more beautiful every day. The sense for good, classic design and excellent craftsmanship defines everything we do.


Packaging is an important area. We prefer to have as little packaging as possible, in as environmentally friendly materials as possible. At the same time, we want the jewelry to be nicely packaged when they arrive, so that they are protected during transport that it feels fun to unpack the package. Our suppliers have detailed instructions on how to pack our jewelry when they are sent to us. This refers partly to the quality of the small plastic bags that are necessary to protect each piece of jewelry (made of 100% recycled polyethylene), and that they should be reasonably large. If additional protection is needed, this must be made of paper. When the jewelry is packed in a larger box before transport, it is important that the box has the right size, so that we minimize the air that is sent.

When we pack orders in our e-commerce, we use cartons of 100% recycled material. We have different sizes of cartons to adapt to each delivery and minimize the air that is transported. If the jewelry needs extra protection during transport, we use recycled paper. Our delivery options are as climate-smart as possible, and we are constantly investigating more alternatives for climate-smart shipping. All leftover/old packaging and packaging materials in paper, metal and plastic from our office and warehouse are left for recycling.