We are two sisters with a joint story and common interests. With our design we share our stories from all corners of the world. We take a lot of pride in being able to contribute to women feeling more beautiful every day. The sense for good, classic design and excellent craftsmanship defines everything we do.

Our vision


Syster P should be part of women’s everyday closets all over the world


While reaching our vision we will do everything in our power to create a sustainable business, keeping our climate footprint as small as possible while making our footprint in society in regards to jobs, personal development, growth and passion as big as possible.

Us who started Syster P are Emma Haegerström, Creative Director, and Annikki Schaeferdiek, CEO. We love running a business, and this is why.


Syster P was born out of desire and joy during a weekend trip to Schangai in 2006. Enchanted by the city’s pearl market with color-sorted gemstones in long rows, we laid the foundation for a wish to share what we like with more people. Many more. The joy for creation and the love for beautiful things have guided us ever since. Today, about 150,000 pieces of jewelry from Syster P contributes to perfecting a women’s life every day, every year. We are especially happy to be at the top of many wish lists of confirmands and students, we want to be there for future generations.


We are driven by constant development. We operate in an industry that has undergone a major change, both in consumption patterns and in marketing channels, which urges us to constantly improve and renew ourselves. We are wholeheartedly committed to the new, young employees who are wanting to join the Syster P family. It is with true joy that we share our experiences and take part in the driving force of a new generation. We learn from each other and build our company’s future.


In our business, nothing is left to chance. We care about our world and want to do good. We work systematically with our sustainability work, in everything from design and production to transport, work environment, charity, recycling and personal development.