Syster P x Barnfonden

Sister Power


For each sold Sister Power bracelet, 10 Euro is donated to the Swedish organization Barnfonden, member of Childfund Alliance, to support their work to improve the lives of climate-challenged girls around the world.  When you wear the bracelet, you show your support for girls and their rights, and for the universal sisterhood.

Climate change causes severe violations of children’s rights, and girls are the most vulnerable. It is not climate change itself that causes children to be exposed to more violence, but its effects do. Floods and droughts are affecting more and more people. Children are forced to work and contribute to the family income instead of going to school. Girls often have to go and get water in places where they are at risk of abuse, or are married off when their parents cannot afford food and education.

About Barnfonden

Barnfonden is a child rights organization based in Malmö, Sweden, working with children´s rights and safety in vulnerable areas that are heavily affected, or at risk being affected by climate change. Together with children we create sustainable solutions that protect and strengthen their rights and wellbeing. We do this through partnerships, local ownership, and a holistic perspective. Through long-term work and innovative solutions we create resilience and improve the conditions for realizing all children´s right to safety, education, good health and a life free from violence.