10 years

Beloved best sellers

Beloved Heart Pendant Gold

15 USD

Beloved Medium Box Chain Silver

49 USD

Beloved Short Box Chain Gold

39 USD

Beloved Short Oval Chain Silver

39 USD

Beloved Long Rolo Chain Gold

59 USD




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Read the story of how our Creative Director, Emma Haegerström, came up with the idea for the collection:

I got the idea for the Beloved collection after one of our first trips to India when we received a small oval silver charm with our letters engraved. I thought the charm was so beautiful and was so happy that someone had chosen my letter and given it to me as a gift.

I wore that little charm and felt that I wanted to be able to give something similar to the people close to me. So, the idea was born to create a jewelry collection that could mean so much, both to the giver and the receiver. A few years later, we launched Beloved, and we could only dream that it would be such a success and be loved by so many people! It has truly become a Syster P classic, and we are very proud to have such a long tradition in our letter jewelry.