About Syster P

The world is our workplace, and we feel at home in many different places and among different cultures. We want to do our best to contribute , both through our direct support to people in need and by creating business through our manufacturing.

Give Hope

Give Hope is a reminder to yourself to always have hope for the best for yourself and others. SEK 100 of each bracelet sold goes directly to the Childhood Cancer Foundation and their important work in the fight against childhood cancer.

Every day, a child in Sweden get the diagnosis cancer and we hope this collaboration between Sister P and the Childhood Cancer Foundation will contribute over one million SEK. Money that will go to vital research and support measures for the affected children and their families.

Sister Power

For each sold Sister Power bracelet, 10 Euro is donated to the Swedish organization Barnfonden, member of Childfund Alliance, to support their work to improve the lives of climate-challenged girls around the world.  When you wear the bracelet, you show your support for girls and their rights, and for the universal sisterhood.

Climate change causes severe violations of children’s rights, and girls are the most vulnerable. It is not climate change itself that causes children to be exposed to more violence, but its effects do. Floods and droughts are affecting more and more people. Children are forced to work and contribute to the family income instead of going to school. Girls often have to go and get water in places where they are at risk of abuse, or are married off when their parents cannot afford food and education.

About Barnfonden

Barnfonden was founded in 1991 and is part of the Global Child Fund Alliance network. Together with all who support us – child sponsors, monthly donors, companies and other donors – we give children in Africa, Asia and Latin America a chance for a better future. We focus on education, health, livelihood and child safety. And we know that help for self-aid and long-term sustainable development is the right way to go.



Our aim is to work closely and transparently in all stages. We have therefore chosen all our craftsmen with care, we know that they are well trained and working under regulated conditions. We frequently visit the places where our products are made. As far as possible, we are looking for suppliers who share our ambitions and demands for quality and finish as well as our preference for working with natural materials. Over the years, we have developed personal relationships with our suppliers, and we develop each new collection in close cooperation with those who do the actual production.