5 Tips on how to get started with home training

We at Syster P like to stay active and workout, as exercise has many positive effects, including increased creativity and extra energy in the everyday life. Right now, when many of those who can choose to work from home, a big challenge can then be that everyday exercise decreases. Therefore, we want to share with you 5 points that will give you the motivation for home training.

1. Set goals.
In that way, it is easier to plan how many sessions and which day of the week they should be accomplished. Remember that goals should be reasonable and something you can maintain.

Sätt upp egna mål för din träning

2. Exercise in the morning.
A perfect routine to start the day with. You recharge with lots of energy and endorphins for the day. Research also shows that people who exercise in the morning rarely skips workouts compared to those who exercise later in the day.

3. Find inspiration on Youtube.
On youtube, you’ll find plenty of videos with inspiration for home training, one of our favorites at the office is (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lbxCDUYQXo) the workout only takes 16 minutes to complete and trains the whole body.

4. Challenge your friends.
Get your friends to create new habits too. In this way, you can work out a training schedule together and encourage each other.

Yoga i hemmet

5. Make a workout-playlist on Spotify
This is where your most happy and most exciting songs should be found. Every time you put on the list you will be happy and filled with energy. Maybe you should make it a rule that you can only listen to the list during training, this can also motivate you to go for that extra session.